Wednesday, April 05, 2017

My Mr.Nata Dee Coco

Why, what and how am i choosing that word to be my choice? Because those day he said he likes nata dee coco. I've no idea how much he likes nata dee coco now but whatever. I used to called him that. This all start when i joined my friend's group 5 year ago ( if im not mistaken ) and they ( members' of my friends group) were talking about their crush  and stuff except me. Well, i got no feeling towards anyone that time. I'm completely comfortable with my life which  i loved being alone. Watching drama in the midnight, youtube all day long. Well less drama you know?

I'm done with my primary six life, drama there and there. Okay back to the topic, i point out about my friend's crush in the wechat group where she used told me that she likes him and blablabla since her crush is my schoolmate. But that was a year before the group was created. She told us there's no more feeling towards his crush. I mean ex-crush. Im the devil there, i always make fun why the hell she like a boy like him. He's so tall like tree. I used to be afraid looking at him. You know he has giant look.

I don't even know why, but i accidentally text him on wechat. Yeah accidentally. I just texted 'hi'. That's all. I don't even know this went too far. To be honest I don't have feeling at him at all at that time. But... that was really nice talking to him everyday. Well, I'm kind of boring person and arrogant person to be honest but he don't get tired talking to me. Haha awh im touched. At the same time, his friend was flirting with me. Lol, i don't know what to say but im just okay talking to his friend.  His friend quite nice too but more like sweet talker.

So that time, my phone was broken. I don't use any internet at all! You know, today, living without internet? Wow. Hahaha how powerful am i? So then i stopped talking to them for few days i think. Then, i contacted him on facebook. We were chatting like always. But yea, i don't know why but i don't really make an effort to talk to his friend. Hahaha. You know what? After few  months i used to talk to my Mr. Nata dee coco I go on a unplanned date with him watching movie. Lol, so not date. Just a movie and went back home. I was very shy and him also hahaha. You know what funny? We still don't know each other phone number that time.

TOnce again, i lost my internet connection but we still contact each other by text message. Gladly we already have each other  phone number. You know what, he said he wasted his money just to text me. Awhhhh. Then, weeks later my brother lends me his phone and my wechat is back! So i talked to him everyday on wechat hihi. Remind back of his friend, i don't receive any text wechat from his friend and im fine. Although, i'm not interested to his friend anyway. We talk and talk and talk. Till i think i like him. Maybe?